Nepal Stock Exchange

Nepal’s only stock exchange is the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (abbreviated as NEPSE). It’s at Kathmandu, Nepal’s Singha Durbar Plaza. The stock market capitalisation of the companies listed on NEPSE was roughly US$30 billion as of February 8, 2021.

The primary goal of NEPSE is to provide government and corporate assets with free marketability and liquidity by enabling transactions on its trading floor through members, market intermediaries, such as brokers and market makers. On January 13, 1994, NEPSE inaugurated its trading floor. There are 285 listed companies as of March 16, 2021, including commercial banks, hydropower companies, insurance companies, and finance companies, among others. As of April 2021, the Exchange had 97 registered brokers. NEPSE’s principal all-equity market index is the NEPSE Index. There are 374 firms listed on the stock exchange as of today (as of 08-02-2021), with 285 of them currently operating (as on 16-03-2021)

The Securities Board of Nepal regulates it.

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