Stock Trading for Dummies

Beginner’s Guide to getting started in NEPSE

Step 1: Get a bank account. “A” class banks are preferable. See the list of possible banks and finance companies which are C-ASBA approved. It will be helpful if you have a bank account in which connectIPS self-verify is possible. It is not mandatory though. Step 2: Get a DEMAT account. Subsidiary capital of bank will create DEMAT for you. You

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Insider Trading in the context of Nepal Stock Exhange

What is the definition of insider trading? Trading (buying or selling) a public company’s shares or securities based on non-public, material information about the company/stock is known as insider trading. Insider trading is a technique for those with access to valuable information before it becomes public to make enormous financial advantages. But make no mistake:

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How to start stock trading

With savings accounts offering little to excite investors, many more people are turning to the stock market to make their money work for them. But while share dealing is no longer the sole territory of city traders, it can be daunting to make a start. Before you even consider jumping in ask yourself, what would

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Basics of Stock Trading

A sweaty stockbroker with a mobile phone clamped to one ear and waving his arms frantically with the other in the middle of a busy trading floor is how the general public used to perceive investing in stocks and shares. However, these days, an increasing number of amateur investors are opting to dabble into the

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The Basics of Investing – What Are Your Goals?

Many first time investors want to jump right in without doing their homework. Unfortunately, most of these people do not make wise choices and are not successful. It requires some skill to make wise investments in anything. Remember that almost no investment is a sure thing. You always stand some risk of losing your money.

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