Beginner’s Guide to getting started in NEPSE

Step 1: Get a bank account. “A” class banks are preferable. See the list of possible banks and finance companies which are C-ASBA approved. It will be helpful if you have a bank account in which connectIPS self-verify is possible. It is not mandatory though.

Step 2: Get a DEMAT account. Subsidiary capital of bank will create DEMAT for you. You can create DEMAT account in any DP. Any branch will open a DEMAT for you. Always have DEMAT and Banks account of same Bank. Not necessary, but for ease. Eg. Saving account in Global IME, DEMAT account in Global IME Capital etc.

You can have maximum of TWO demat accounts, but you can only apply IPO from one. If you apply from two different accounts, both will be disqualified and your accounts will be blacklisted.

Bank Account will have your money. A DEMAT account will have your shares.

Step 3: Link bank account and DEMAT with C-ASBA. You need to fill C-ASBA Registration form and submit it in any branch, after which you get a CRN Number. You can fill C-ASBA form and link multiple bank accounts for the same DEMAT account. For each bank account, you will receive one CRN number. If you have Global IME saving account, and Global IME Capital DEMAT, submit C-ASBA form at Global IME Bank to link your bank account. If you have saving account at NMB and DEMAT at Global Capital, submit C-ASBA at NMB Bank to link C-ASBA.

Step 4: Submit MeroShare form. This enables to buy IPOs online. Also needed for WACC, EDIS and transferring shares. Meroshare can be used to change where your dividend goes. You can change account here.

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